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Your donations fuel the fight on the front lines to democratize workplaces, industries and the economy.

With your investment, we build a community of care and action that centers working people, for an economy that works for all.

We’ve supported more than 300 workers, many have achieved historic workplace wins.
Together, we can do even more.

Recipients of our Fund have succeeded in holding their employers accountable to ethical behavior. Others have launched independent unions, started nonprofits, and co-ops. And some have catapulted their environmental justice leadership into campaigns to run for public office!


Two worker funds have been launched by the Coworker Solidarity Fund to raise and distribute money in support of workplace organizers.


Over 300 workers have received Coworker Solidarity Fund stipends. Many of them have made historic wins in their workplaces.


Over $900,000 have been disbursed by the Coworker Solidarity Fund to support workers democratize workplaces and the economy.

Focus your donation by contributing to a specific worker fund

Choose how you want to make your impact felt by donating to one of our worker funds. Thank you for your generous support—it’s what keeps us going!

Starbucks Workers Fund

Our Starbucks Workers Fund supports current and former Starbucks activists and organizers.


Tech Workers Fund

Our Tech Workers Fund supports worker activists organizing across the tech labor supply chain.



No. Coworker Solidarity Fund is incorporated as a 501(c)(4) organization. Contributions to 501(c)(4) organizations are generally not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. For more information, please refer to the IRS guidelines on Donations to Section 501(c)(4) Organizations.

The Fund will consider the following criteria (developed by the Worker Committees in partnership with the Fund’s staff and board) in deciding whether or not to recommend funding:


  • The extent to which an individual’s actions further the organization’s mission of fighting for safer and more equitable jobs, workplaces, and industries;
  • The extent to which an individual’s actions are aligned with the Fund’s values including: collective liberation from white supremacy, patriarchy, and other systems of oppression.
  • The availability of funds;
  • Anything else the Worker Committee deems relevant.


The Fund will consider an individual’s application as well as any information about the individual publicly available or previously known to members of the Fund. Unfortunately, not all applications that meet the criteria will necessarily be approved.


Each fund – currently there are two, the Tech Worker Fund and Starbucks Workers Fund – is a work-in-progress, and criteria is likely to be updated in the future. We will update these FAQs with any new or modified criteria if and when that happens.


The pilot fund is intended to be a learning process, and therefore the criteria may evolve during the pilot. The Fund will update these FAQs with any new or modified criteria as soon as possible.

At present, the only company-specific fund is the Starbucks Workers Fund.

Donations to the Tech Worker Fund support workers in multiple companies across the tech industry’s labor supply chain.

However, if a worker from a company or industry f0r which we do not have a fund applies for funding, worker committees of current funds may choose to support this worker, pending funding availability.

Coworker Solidarity Fund relies on contributions from individuals and philanthropic institutions. We also received in-kind support from Amalgamated Bank. You can make a donation to support our work here.

No. While Coworker Solidarity Fund, a 501(c)(4), and, a 501(c)(3), share vision and values in supporting worker-activists, the organizations are autonomous, financially and legally independent, and governed by separate Boards of Directors. Each does all of its own fundraising and makes its own decisions.

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