When your health and safety is put at risk on the job, we have your back.

A fund for workers to engage in activism and organizing in their jobs and workplaces

Our mutual aid funds are designed to support workers who are fighting for safer, more equitable jobs in their industry. If you are organizing coworkers -- staging walk-outs, speaking to media, circulating petitions, and more -- consider applying below!

Applications are Closed

Due to the overwhelming demand, applications for stipends are now CLOSED.

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If you can, help us redistribute more $2500 stipends by donating to one of our worker funds!

What We’re About

The Solidarity Fund is designed to provide financial assistance and mentorship to workers engaged in workplace organizing and activism, especially those facing retaliation from their employers.

We currently host two worker-led mutual aid funds – one for workers in the tech sector (including delivery, logistics, rideshare, etc) and one for Starbucks workers. Our cash stipends help workers who are organizing for safer, more just, and more equitable jobs and workplaces.


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We’re able to commit 100% of the funds contributed online to providing financial support to workers in need. Join others in donating $25, $100, or $500 to the Tech Workers Fund or the Starbucks Workers Fund today.

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