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Workplace solutions are best innovated by workers themselves!

Supporting workers fighting for change is good for all working people, their companies and industries, as well as consumers and the economy. 

The Solidarity Fund helped me get back on my feet and back in these organizing streets! I could finally stop DoorDashing and focus on what’s important: organizing.

– Aleah Bacetti, Starbucks Workers United organizer in Maryland and admin for SWU’s POCKET Committee (People of Color Keeping Everyone Together)

We’ve supported more than 300 workers, many have achieved historic workplace wins.

Workers that received our stipends have succeeded in holding their employers accountable to ethical behavior. Others have launched independent unions, started nonprofits, and co-ops. And some have catapulted their environmental justice leadership into campaigns to run for public office!


Two worker funds have been launched by the Coworker Solidarity Fund to raise and distribute money in support of workplace organizers.


Over 300 workers have received Coworker Solidarity Fund stipends. Many of them have made historic wins in their workplaces.


Over $900,000 have been disbursed by the Coworker Solidarity Fund to support workers democratize workplaces and the economy.

How are organizers using the funds?

Organizers use the financial assistance for overcoming barriers to engage in activism and organizing, and cover critical needs that allow workers to participate in building more democratic workplaces. 

Workers are seeking a variety of changes, including unethical corporate behavior, environmental concerns, inequitable workplace practices, better products, and better safety, health, and wages. 

Workers are making many kinds of impact as a result of their organizing, like pressuring company leaders to behave more ethically, building civic leadership, rallying worker support for their cause, and starting new organizations.

So far, I have spent 330 dollars of the total $2,500, donated to a labor rights news organization, and organized an event for worker power with my coworkers in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Check out the Coworker Solidarity Fund, our partners, and peer-to-peer worker-led organizing in the news.

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