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The Solidarity Fund by Coworker provides financial assistance to worker activists. Your contribution will help us provide direct financial support to people organizing for safer jobs, higher pay, and more. 

Choose how you want to make your impact felt by donating to our Pilot Fund for Workers in Tech, or our Starbucks Workers Solidarity Fund. Thank you for your generous support—it’s what keeps us going!

Our Pilot Fund - For Workers in Tech

Initiated by current and former Alphabet employees, our pilot fund provides financial assistance (in the form of $2500 stipends) to workers in the tech industry—including tech supply chain and platform-based workers—engaged in efforts to improve their jobs and work lives.

100% of your contribution of $100, $500, or $2500 will go to worker activists who apply for funding. People use our stipends to cover the costs of new laptops, mobile phones, printing banners, and more, as well as personal expenses like rent, health insurance, and groceries.

Donate to the Starbucks Workers Solidarity Fund

In partnership with baristas building collective power, the Solidarity Fund by Coworker is preparing to mobilize financial support for workers at Starbucks engaged in workplace activism and organizing.

We are aiming to launch in Fall/Winter 2022, while we develop a worker-led process to disburse funds to Starbucks workers. If you have any questions please contact info@coworkerfund.org.


Donations to the Coworker Solidarity Fund are not tax-deductible

Donate to the Fund


We’re able to commit 100% of the funds contributed online to providing financial support to workers in need. Join others in donating $25, $100, or $500 to the pilot fund today.

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