Before You Create a Campaign


Thinking about starting a campaign on our petition platform? Here are a few questions you might have before you get started. 

What is Coworker.org’s petition platform?

Coworker.org’s petition platform is a simple, but powerful tool that allows you to create your own campaign for changes in the workplace, with the technology you need at your fingertips. Our platform allows you to collect signatures, share updates with supporters, track your progress over time and, ultimately, deliver your petition to its target. 

The changes you seek can be big or small, heroic or ordinary. If you have an idea, we offer this platform to help you turn that idea into a reality.

What can I run a campaign about?

What have you noticed that needs fixing in your workplace? Where do you see an opportunity for positive change? Your campaign need not be limited to particular issues or locations. Your audience can be global or local.

When starting a campaign the most important step is to get the ball rolling – don’t worry about getting everything 100% right. Even experienced, professional campaigners make mistakes and often change tactics as things develop. You don’t need to be an expert to launch a campaign in your workplace, you just need to be willing to learn new things along the way.

Looking for inspiration? Check out active campaigns in our campaign library.

What can’t I run a campaign about?

We expect we’ll probably see campaigns we don’t agree with, campaigns that might seem a bit random and or just plain kooky. That’s fine with us, as long as it’s not defamatory, discriminatory, illegal — you get the idea.

It comes down to this: does your campaign promote or incite violence? Does it promote bullying, or advocate discrimination based on someone’s gender, sex, age, religion, ethnicity, nationality or sexual orientation (or any other classifications protected by law)? Does it single out individuals by name? Is it defamatory? No? Excellent. We’re all good.

We reserve the right to use our judgment and take something down if it crosses a line of common decency, so take responsibility for your campaign. For more information, we recommend reading our Terms of Service.

Can I create a petition anonymously?

You could create a petition with an anonymous account and pseudonym. However, we believe that a key ingredient for the success you will have through your petition efforts is the willingness of you and your coworkers to stand up for yourselves by stating your demands for workplace improvements openly, without fear or shame. For this reason, we generally recommend against the use of anonymous accounts or pseudonyms. 

While you may feel uncomfortable revealing your identity at first, many petition creators find that once they have collected a substantial amount of their coworkers’ signatures they feel comfortable using their real name. As a petition creator, you have the ability to edit the name displayed on the petition at any time.

How will signing petitions make a difference?

Petitions provide a useful snapshot of the level of public support for an issue and put forward a list of people who all share a common commitment or concern. And they don’t always need a big number to make a big impact – think about a local issue where a petition of 20 coworkers and customers at a sandwich shop would require the store’s owner to sit up and take notice.

Petitions can be the catalyst for conversations that change how people think about an issue. They’re also a great tool for surfacing the best ideas for improving a workplace. If you’re an employee who’s targeting your employer in a petition, it’s important that you reach out to coworkers to sign and support your petition. 

Why? Because there is strength in numbers! Reach out to your colleagues by any means available to you — in person, on the phone, on social media or email. Once you’ve got signatures on your petition, it’s important to deliver your petition to your target in-person. Many people choose to contact local reporters to cover the petition delivery. A local news report of your petition can often lead to success.

Besides starting a petition, what else can I do in my campaign?

On Coworker.org you can start a petition, share it with coworkers and communicate further with your supporters via email. We can also help you take your campaign to the street. For instance, you can download a blank copy of your petition, collect signatures in person and then enter your data easily into the system. You can also download a finished copy of your petition to print and deliver to decision makers.

You can access all of these features from the manage page [LINK].

I have more questions. Is there anyone I can talk to about them?


Of course! Coworker.org’s campaigns team is always ready to answer more questions you might have as you create your campaign. Feel free to reach out to us via email, DM us on Twitter, or send us a message on Facebook