Jordan Flowers, an Amazon warehouse worker, is a thorn in the side of his employer. He regularly speaks at labor rallies and leads protests against the online retail giant over how it treats workers. But being an activist doesn’t pay. And his income—he’s currently out on disability—doesn’t always cover rent for his apartment in New

two workers holding protest signs in front of Target

When Frances Haugen revealed she was the Facebook whistleblower who supplied internal documents to Congress and the Wall Street Journal, she joined a growing list of current and former Silicon Valley employees who’ve come forward to call out military contracts, racism, sexism, contributions to climate crisis, pay disparities and more in the industry.

“May day, ho, ho, billionaires have got to go.” Protesters with slogans and placards, security hovering in the back: the gathering outside an Amazon warehouse in Richmond, California, on May 1st had all the trappings of a proper picket line. One thing was different, though—instead of massing together, participants kept a safe distance. The organisers

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BACK TO BLOG Starbucks Announces Changes after Baristas Speak Out JAN 25, 2018 | COWORKER.ORG On January 24, 2018, Starbucks announced a range of new offerings for baristas including: wage increases, additional stock options and more hiring, as well as paid sick leave and expanded parental leave for its partners. The improvements at Starbucks come after tens

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